This is MAUVE++ validator v 1.0

MAUVE++ validator is a project of HIIS Lab at ISTI - CNR, currently mantained by Francesca Pulina, Giovanna Broccia, Fabio Paternò, Marco Manca and Antonio Giovanni Schiavone.

MAUVE (Multiguideline Accessibility and Usability Validation Environment) is a system to evaluate accessibility of websites by checking their HTML and CSS code through guidelines, which are to be specified through an XML-compliant specification language called L.W.G.D (Language for Web Guideline Definition) that maintains the guidelines separated from the underlying logic.

At the moment MAUVE++ is able to validate the accessibility of web pages in relation to the following guidelines:

Additional information about MAUVE can be found in the following paper:

, : "An extensible environment for guidelinebased accessibility evaluation of dynamic Web-applications" Universal Access in the Information Society v. 14 , no. 1 (): 111-132 Print.

A more general discussion about the relevance of automatic validation tools in websites' accessibility assessment can be found in the following paper:

, : "The role of tool support in public policies and accessibility" ACM Interactions v. 22 , no. 3 (): 60-63 Print.